Diadema Communication Department launches Women Who Inspire series

Published on 03/03/2023

Seven women from Diadema tell their life stories in episodes that will be aired weekly on City Hall networks; Sedet is a partner in the project

For Jennifer Rodrigues, there is no bad time. Motogirl who lives in Vila Conceição, she travels the streets of Diadema and the region making deliveries via app, wakes up early, arrives home late, faces sun, rain, cold and heat to bring sustenance to the residence. At night, she journeys to a city market. She is the example of a resilient woman who fights hard every day to achieve her goals.

Known to her friends as JayLo (in reference to the American singer Jennifer Lopez), Jennifer debuts the painting “Mulheres Que Inspire”, produced by the Communication Department of Diadema, in partnership with the Department of Economic Development and Work. The series, in honor of Women’s Month, will tell the story of seven women who live, work or have a strong emotional bond with Diadema. The episodes will be released weekly on the social networks of the City Hall.

Jennifer has undergone training within the House of Solidarity Economy, a sector of the Department of Economic Development and Labor of Diadema, which has the mission of promoting the solidarity economy with the creation of support networks.

“We received an invitation from Deputy Mayor Patty Ferreira (also Secretary of Economic Development) to visit and enter the House of Solidarity Economy. Her idea was to improve our category, our benefits. Because depending on what the application will provide us is something very erratic”, said the entrepreneur. “The House has given us a lot of strength.”

Within the House of Solidarity Economy, Jennifer – and other entrepreneurs – have taken courses, gone through career advisory services and have full support for formalization and, in this way, build a solid career in entrepreneurship. Every Wednesday, JayLo is one of the students on the management course at the Secretariat for Economic Development and Labor.

“I am very proud of our profession. We are women, we are warriors, we embrace this profession. I see a lot of people questioning the fact that I am a woman and do delivery. What I see is that a woman can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, because we women are warriors, jack of all trades”, pointed out Jennifer, while refuting all the machismo she perceives as a motogirl.

Text: Raphael Rocha and Keila Macedo
Photos: John Fernandes

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