‘I don’t think I have more in my life than playing’ a LoL star is honest about the reality behind his profession

Professional esports players, as in traditional sports, spend many hours a day training, playing, competing and managing his career. In the esports there is a difference: the public exposure of the person (or the character, both always mixed) in the streaming own and team.

In a broadcast on February 28 on his Twitch channel, the biggest star of the League of Legends European, Carl Martin Erik ‘Rekkles’ Larsson (Sweden, 26 years old), broke down in tears before thousands of viewers, admitting: “I don’t think I have much more [en mi vida] what to play”.

The broadcast clip has been viralized by all networks social. “I’ve realized recently how my life is like…I don’t think I have much more to play for”said the professional Fnatic player. And he would apologize to them: “I’m sorry.”

The sentence was followed by a long silence while she cleared her voice and chose the runes for the legend Senna before the game she was going to start playing. “I’m sorry,” he says again while crying and trying to compose himself for the confrontation.

The player has had professional ups and downs in recent years

On the broadcast, which had almost 158,000 views, Rekkles was playing for more than five hours straight while discussing his current situation. The young man, who wears since the age of 15 in the competitive scene of the Riot Games game, has lost some of the luster of yesteryear. Was the most visible and successful face of the League of Legends Europeanand responsible for the former domain of the Fnatic team in the region.

After the signings by the G2 and Kcorp clubs, and the return to the British team, nothing has been the same. In it LEC 2023 Winter Split, his club have finished nintha situation that he addresses in a video of more than 13 minutes and that he describes as “shameful”. In his statements, the player removes weight from the alleged confrontations with his partner Rhuckz and ensures that he will continue in Fnatic.

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