If Harry Potter was set in the 1980s, Hermione would be perfect for Stranger Things; look

Ron Weasley and his brothers Fred and George would look like David Bowie, while Harry would surrender to the gym clothes that marked the decade.

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In the last decade, the aesthetics of the 80’s invaded several audiovisual productions, especially the series. We immediately remember Stranger Things, but it would be unfair not to mention titles like GLOW, Pose, Physical and even American Horror Story: 1984. The colorful and futuristic fashion; the voluminous and messy hair, with fringes and forelocks; pop, rock and electronic music growing and mixing. It’s been quite a decade!

What if we applied all of this to Harry Potter? At first, you might think it has nothing to do with it. After all, the saga takes place in a magical universe and, when outside of it, in the 90s. However, thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to transport the characters to 1980, with all the exaggerations that this involves.

Hermione (Emma Watson), for example, would be the perfect replacement for Nancy (Natalia Dyer) from Stranger Things. The Weasleys, both Ron (Rupert Grint) and Fred and George (James Oliver Phelps), look like they’ve had a David Bowie shower. Already Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) would be adept at gym clothes. Check out:

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