The professional CS:GO player with the highest ELO in FACEIT

We are all aware of Ilya «m0NESY» Osipov’s level in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but he himself wanted to emphasize it in case there were doubts. The young Russian is the player from Europe and Russia with the most rating in FACEIT. This first place is achieved at the same time that his team, G2 Esports, is performing at a high level on the international scene of CS:GO. At only 17 years old, m0NESY has gone from being a future promise to becoming one of the best players in the world and with a scary future.

The last few months of m0NESY have been unbeatable on a sporting level. G2 Esports conquered in December the BLAST Premier World Final and started 2023 in the best way possible. The samurai have performed great performances in the first events of the year, in which their triumph in IEM Katowice 2023. All this is due to a perfect collective game in which everyone pitches in, but there is also a turn for individuals. In this section, one of the most outstanding is m0NESY himself, a player who has left us great competitive moments with the AWP despite his youth.

m0NESY also triumphs in FACE IT

The Russian has recently become the player with the most rating from Europe and Russia. With over 4,700 games on his account, the G2 player has a 63% winrate and more than 6700 of rating, record in our continent. By highlighting some individual data, Ilya can boast of a 1.46 of K.D. and 50% in headshots having the best win rating in Dust 2, map that recently disappeared from the competitive map pool.

Profile of m0NESY VIA FACEIT

The good guy from m0NESY began his journey in FACE IT back in 2015, at which time he was only 10 years old. His dedication to CS:GO from such a young age has undoubtedly served to make him one of the most important players in the current scene and, possibly, in the future. At the individual level he already has these awards and collectively he already knows what it is to win a great tournament. From now on he just needs to stay on the crest of the wave and show that his ability will mark an era on the scene.

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