The tenth season of Pokémon Go is ready; Hawlucha arrives in Mexico

niantic announced that, starting in March, the pokemon go season ten, which bears the name of Rising Heroes.

Alan Mandujano, Niantic Emerging Markets Business Development Manager, explained that this season has the appearance of gimmighoul in its walking form, which trainers can evolve into Gholdengo.

On this occasion, to attract him they must use the Coin Chest to appear near them for a set period of time.

Once captured, to do evolve to Gimmighoul You must collect 999 Gimmighoul coins, which you can get by capturing him or going on adventures with him as a partner, without forgetting the golden Pokéstops.

The new season will also bring back the Elite Raidswhich are a type of battle in which the trainers face each other in person and will have the opportunity to catch the legendary Regieleki and Regidrago.

It should be taken into account that the Regidrago raid will be on March 11, while the Reigieleki raid will be on April 9.

The Go Battle League also returns, so you must prepare for the Pokémon to battle.

Additionally, trainers will be able to carry out the temporary research called Professor Willow’s Wardrobe, which will have an additional cost and as a reward they will be able to unlock a new outfit inspired by the researcher and have an encounter with a Melmetal.


The new season also marks the arrival of a Pokémon, especially for Mexican trainers, it is about Hawlucha.

The design of this Pokémon is inspired by Mexican wrestling and, in homage to this sport, it has a signature move called the “Flying Plank,” trainers should be on the lookout for it will appear in the wild only in Mexico.

The Rising Heroes season is very special since it comes with many surprises and novelties, especially for Mexico, with the debut of Hawlucha”, highlighted Mandujano.

To commemorate his arrival, niantic will launch a temporary and local investigation, in which the participants will have to spin a Pokéstop in Mexico and choose your fighting style, which can be middleweight, lightweight or heavyweight.

Depending on this choice they will have the opportunity to meet Scrafty, Machamp or Hariyama and capture one of them, among other rewards.

Besides, coaches from Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara will be able to find posters of Hawlucha inspired by traditional wrestling and enjoy an augmented reality experience when scanning it.



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