Valorant: All the details about Gekko, agent 22 that will arrive in the game

The end of the first act of Episode 6 of Valorant is nearing, and with it there will be very important news in the Riot Games tactical shooter for this second section of the episode. The most notable news is the arrival of a new agentwhich will be number 22 and that we will be able to see very soon in Valorant.

below you we give all the details What you should know about this character and the winks or information that the company has given us during these hours to learn more about this agent who will be called Gekko.

Role, date on which we can see it and more details

As usual, Riot’s modus operandi is go giving brushstrokes little by littleor, showing advances and videos as the days go by to get to know the agent. In this case, the first advance has been a chat conversation in which several agents talk to each other. The protagonist was Brimstone, who apart from writing as if he were writing a letter, had met this agent. To the smoker’s surprise, Gekko does not show up for the appointment.

To get more into the subject of the character, and once given an initial context, we are going to detail several of the key questions that everyone will be asking about this new addition to Vaorant.

What role will Gekko have?

It will be a starter according to reports and information seen

When can we see it in action?

The end of the LOCK//IN will be a great opportunity to see him in action in the previous Showmatch to the last best of five in Brazil. If these exhibition matches fall short of you, as they usually do, content creators may have access to an event where they can showcase Gekko for the first time.

As they tell more details about the agent, we will update you on MGG, in an act in which, in addition to the arrival of this agent, we will have a highly anticipated pack by the community such as Oni 2.0

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