Video games that will be part of the esports Olympic Games

For the 2023 Esports Olympics there will be nine competitions.  (IOC)
For the 2023 Esports Olympics there will be nine competitions. (IOC)

He International Olympic Committee announced the list of video games that will be part of the Olympic Esports Series 2023the official competition for gamers that is organized in conjunction with international federations and developers.

Several of the chosen titles simulate competitions from the Olympic program, although it is not a tournament that is part of the sports jousting that takes place every four years.

The contest, which has been organized since 2021, this year will take place from June 22 to 25 in Singapore, being the first time it has been held in person, although days before the qualifying rounds will be in virtual format.

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For the 2023 Esports Olympics there will be nine competitions.  (IOC)
For the 2023 Esports Olympics there will be nine competitions. (IOC)

For this edition, the titles in which there will be competitions are nine:

– Archery: World Archery Federation – Tic Tac Bow.

-Baseball: World Baseball Softball Confederation – WBSC eBASEBALL: POWER PROS.

– Chess: International Chess Federation –

– Cycling: ICU-Zwift.

– Dance: World DanceSport Federation – JustDance.

– Motorsport: Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile – Gran Turismo 7.

– Navigation: World Sailing – Virtual Regatta.

– Taekwondo: World Taekwondo – Virtual Taekwondo.

-Tennis: International Tennis Federation – Tennis Clash.

In the list there are some competitions such as chess and motor racing that are not part of the Olympic sports, however, they are included due to the competitive level they have and the work of their federations.

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For the 2023 Esports Olympics there will be nine competitions.  (IOC)
For the 2023 Esports Olympics there will be nine competitions. (IOC)

Since the Olympics Esports Series began, criticism has been the non-inclusion of video game that are relevant to the hearings, such as the cases of League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Rocket League or CS:GO. But there are several reasons for its absence.

First, the arrival of the esports to the Olympic Committee it has been a long process due to the debate on whether or not they are a sport. But mainly, because part of the essence of the Olympic Games. lies in the competitive spirit and the promulgation of values.

For this reason, video games that require violence, specifically killing enemies, to win do not fall within that definition and have always been excluded.

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Along with that, there are issues related to the authorization that video game publishers and developers must give for their title to be used in an official competition. Which explains why many of the competitions are organized by the brands themselves, as in the case of Riot Games with its League of Legends events and Electronic Arts with FIFA.

This has meant that the alternative to include esports in the Olympic framework is to take the path of simulators, despite the fact that they are not games that have a large community of gamers.

transmission of Olympic Esports Series 2023 It will be done live for the whole world on the virtual platforms of the Olympic Games.

Pokémon Sleep had already been announced a couple of years ago, but nothing was known about its development until now, although at the moment it is only known that it will be released in mid-2023 for devices iOS and android.

The player will find a simple premise when starting this experience. The app will take you to an unknown island and there you will meet a professor who will ask you to help him in his research. All through the dream.

The objective will be to record the hours of sleep and in this way get new pokémon according to the quality of rest that we have at night, which will be measured in deep, medium and light.

The creatures that are obtained will have a sleeping posture, so the objective is to unlock them all so that they can be added to the collection and sleep next to Snrolax.

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