Fortnite servers suffer their first big crash of 2023: when will it be playable?

The servers of Fortnite they give problems again in what seems to be the first big drop of 2023as many outraged players report that can not play. In this news we tell you what happened and what measures Epic Games has taken to solve it. All the information just below:

Update 02/16/2023 19:27h CET: Epic Games announces that it has already solved the problems with the servers and that Fortnite can be played without any restrictions.

We leave you the news in its original context just below:

Fortnite servers are down: when will you be able to enter the game?

At around 7:00 p.m. CET on Thursday, February 16, 2023, many players began experiencing issues in Fortnite. They could log into the game and enter the lobby/lounge, but couldn’t find a match no matter how long they waited. Just a quarter of an hour later, at 7:15 p.m. CET, Epic Games reported through the Fortnite Status Twitter account that there were reports of players unable to join any game modes, including FNCS rosters.

As usual in these cases, they warn that They will inform you again as soon as the problem is solved.. In other words: as players we can’t do anything; We have to wait for Epic Games itself to solve it.

The DownDetector website also shows a peak of incidents this day at this time:

Fortnite Downdetector February 16, 2023


In DownDetector there have been incidents in Fortnite on 02/16/2023 at around 19:00 CET

As we mentioned, although the problems are widespread, there is a small group of players who can continue playing. We ourselves, for example, have been able to enter a game and play without having to wait too long:

Fortnite February 16, 2023


We have been able to enter a game without too many problems

Come on, don’t worry if you can’t play. Epic Games should fix it soon.

In the meantime, we remind you that in our Fortnite guide we help you with many aspects of the game, including all the information on the Most Wanted event and how to complete the Information and Reconnaissance Missions and Through the Big Door Missions.

Fountain: Twitter/Fortnite Status

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