Fortnite: So you can get the skin of the new Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Fortnite has been an extremely popular game among the community due to its interoperability and partnerships with other companies. On this occasion, they released a new skin of Sam Wilson’s Captain America and so you can get it.

USA.- Fortnite it has been an extremely popular game; and it has spoiled the fans of the superheroes a lot by including new skins because, now, the players of the battle royale you can get a skin of the new Captain America by Sam Wilson.

Fortnite launches another collaboration with Marvel, because in the item store of its Battle Royale skin of the new Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) where a great collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel is shown.

It is necessary to point out that, previously, we have seen this collaboration exemplified, either with events or characters from different films, such as The Avengers or Spiderman; including the X-Men among many other franchises.

Also, not only Sam Wilson’s Captain America is included, but the Star Bomber suit, which includes a star shield and, like Sam Wilson, doubles as a backpacking accessory.

So you can get Sam Wilson and the Star bomber in Fortnite.

Sam Wilson’s Captain America is offered with all its accessories for 2000 coins, while, for its part, Star Bomber costs 1,800 V-Bucks.

Likewise, it is possible to acquire both characters in a special lot, which adds a role and a loading screen for a price of $2,600 coins.

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