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Fortnite Battle Royale it is currently an advertising screen that connects directly with its target audience. With the start of episode 4 of season 1, Epic Games announced a collaboration with two anime: My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Super. Both featured exclusive characters and powers.

The Kamehameha is a powerful laser that does a lot of damage in a straight line, while Deku’s punch destroys everything in its path and throws enemies far from the impact zone.

In addition to this content, it has been reported that Fortnite is preparing a special Star Wars event, which would also have a unique power. There are only a few days left until May 4, Star Wars day, so a collaboration between the two brands is expected.

Fortnite X Star Wars

Insider iFireMonkey (via ShiinaBR) recently explained that players will be able to use the Jedi force in their games during the Star Wars event. Let’s remember that in previous collaborations, laser swords, clone blasters were introduced, and we even saw some of the iconic characters from the latest trilogy parade.

Of course, the question falls ripe at this point: what will be the use of the Jedi force in Fortnite? In the movies it has been used to communicate with other characters, also to hang innocent people, throw objects or attract them and much more.

If Epic Games were looking to introduce a weapon of mass destruction like the Kamehameha, they might opt ​​to add the lightning bolts of the Sith. We will have to wait for season 2 to learn more about this collaboration, according to iFireMonkey.

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