New AuronPlay project in 2023 after Squid Craft Games 2

AuronPlay have something in mind and want to do it before the end of the year 2023but streamer on Twitch is still on hiatus despite participating in Squid Craft Games 2.

The man born in Badalona already said that he has planned a new break after this event, but as often happens to many people, the mind is somewhat restless, as can be heard in the video at the beginning of this news item.

Will there be an Omelette? I don’t know, I don’t know if there will be Tortilla this year…“, can be heard at the beginning of the video. In essence, people have wanted to know if 2023 is going to be the year of a new TortillaLand.

I would like, before the end of the year, to do Minecraft Extreme 2“, he kept saying. “because it is a series […] of these that do not become very heavy.

Quick, fun, with dramas, with things and in two weeks“After that he confirms that he talked about it with Reborn and Tanizen and comments that they think it’s great.

I think October, September… There’s still time left, huh? We could put a Winger 2 there and I think that people will be very excited“, all because the Andorra resident says that the last time he did a hell of a lot.

Got a new wallpaper or animated logo?

AuronPlay confirms that it hit it so hard that that week -for better or worse- there was no talk of anything other than extreme. “As always, we remain with the mistakes made in the 1st edition to be able to offer you a much better 2nd edition.“.

The streamer says that all the feedback received was studied and of course in the 2nd edition they will try to fix many of the problems and complaints that occurred in the first edition of the event.

Although in the meantime he has made history on Twitch with “the greatest Internet fanatic” beating El Xokas, but a few weeks ago he was already talking about his first project away from Twitch.

To finish AuronPlay says: “Of course we take note of everything, of course. We don’t ignore people. We know what you liked, what you did not like and we are going to solve it“.

Although it may just be that this year there will finally be TortillaLand and it will live together as an event with a new minecraft extremebut the last word as always is his own Twitch streamer.

For now AuronPlay has already revealed in this video at the beginning of the news what is the project that he would like to do before the end of the year when I return from the break after Squid Craft Games 2.

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