Papo Mc is the new FMS champion: “he who resists fulfills his dreams”

By: Lic. Agustin Camera

Alejandro Lococco, from Mar del Plata, better known as daddy mc, came out champion of the FMS after fighting it for 4 years with two runners-up and a third place. The talented rapper won the championship from scratch and added the much-sought title to his career.

daddy he needed only one point to win and in the battle of the last date against Larryx He came to a reply that they disputed it in a friendly way because it was already enough to consecrate himself as a new FMS champion.

When lifting the trophy, the history of the national and international freestyle scene left a tip:

“I want to give advice to all the people who follow me. Do not listen to anyone but your heart, we are going to die and do not stay with that question of what would happen if you tried. I tried it and my dream came true, I will be eternally grateful”.

The hardcore beast He uploaded a photo kissing the cup to his networks: “Fulfill your dreams who resists. I dreamed it, I believed it, I created it. Thanks life, THANK YOU. How did you make yourself beg beautiful”

The also international Poker champion, adds the long-awaited FMS to his national and international titles that he carries on his back and that have made him a legend of national and international freestyle.

Does he retire?

Although it is public knowledge that the FMS for daddy meant what for ash ketchup the final battle Pokemona few days ago he left a door open to compete again after 5 years in the Red Bull.

What does it depend on? of the new team eSports “Beast” of which he owns. It will be the only Argentine team of Counter Strike competing in Mexico to qualify for the Paris Major, the most important tournament of the specialty. If this happens, we will see again daddy competing in Red Bull and we will be very happy.

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