RuPaul’s Drag Race 15 Review Episode 10

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Another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race 15 aired! Read the review below. Contains spoilers from here on out.

Can the queens use their skills to conduct interviews on camera? That was the big question in Season 15, Episode 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Drag Race has held “interviews” as a main challenge in the past; it’s a great move to test the queens charisma and ability to step out of the comfort zone. Showing your personality can be the trick to shine and impress the judges.

But if a queen is overworked, she can’t leave the camera. It’s a live challenge!

“50/50’s Most Gagworthy Stars” proved that many of the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 can have careers as interviewers. Several of them did a great job!

The round was raunchy, fun and completely unpredictable. Celebrity guests kept these queens on their toes; it was hilarious for us viewers and surprising for the queens, like a real interview.

Before going to the main challenge, we should talk about the discussion between Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Loosey LaDuca.

Did anyone see this fight coming? Their playful shade warmed their spirits; they weren’t just jokes or scathing comments. You could feel Mistress and Loosey trying to poke each other with every provocation.

It looked like Loosey had reached her limit of being ignored by her fellow queens, and Mistress was tired of listening to Loosey complain about not winning challenges.

Most surprising was the reaction of the other queens; everyone seemed to be on Isabelle Brooks’ side. Are there more scenes that we’re not watching from the workroom?

Has Loosey been complaining a lot? His delusion, like the one in Episode 9, has been growing, so it’s a strong possibility that things have finally boiled over.

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Regarding the main challenge, the tip is to keep the conversation going and have fun! Even if a queen stumbles, her bright and cheerful personality can make up for it. And the judges want to see the queens interact with guests and make it a big segment. They know things are going to get out of hand; it’s about how the queens control and react to it.

That’s where queens like Sasha Colby, Loosey LaDuca, Luxx Noir London and Anetra did a great job.

Each flowed with the conversation and kept the energy high. They made the interview work no matter what was thrown their way. For example, Sasha and Luxx confidently and forcefully handled their threads.

Big job to Luxx for not letting Love Connie’s driving skills distract her! Being in a speeding golf cart could throw anyone off if Love Connie made just one wrong turn. And Sasha throwing her cards away and embracing Charo’s randomness made the interview feel more natural.

Anetra and Loosey’s interviews were milder in comparison. It was a lot of talking and walking in most cases, but they had the strongest connections with their guests.

Loosey, by far, had the best voice and interview segment. Surprisingly, she didn’t win the main challenge (more on that in a moment).

On the other hand, Mistress, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx and Marcia Marcia Marcia had the most obstacles. (I’ll be focusing on Salina Estitties and her placement soon too!)

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All three pumped out the required energy level and couldn’t keep up with their guests. It is true that they all suffered different problems, but each queen had the same momentum problem after stumbling the first time.

Marcia might not have understood Charo, but her face was her biggest reveal. Like, why didn’t she seem more interested?! Seriously, fake it until you make it. This is an easy rule that anyone can follow.

And Mistress needed to stay the course. I love a queen who likes to laugh, but she missed the point here. Surprisingly, she didn’t fall into the bottom 2 after this challenging performance.

“50/50’s Most Gagworthy Stars” had a case of strange judging decisions. The final picks weren’t entirely accessible, but they left me scratching my head when there were better options.

This was for both tops and bottoms.

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For the tops, I would have declared Loosey the winner. Even the editing of the episode made it seem like she was guaranteed the win.

Loosey felt more natural on camera and had a good rapport with Frankie Grande. She skimmed through the interview segment. And her Beyoncé runway outfit was a tribute to her pregnancy; It wasn’t my favorite runway look due to the fit, but the judges seemed to like it.

Don’t get me wrong, Sasha was also a good choice as a winner, but the edit heavily favored Loosey.

How was dubbing not a battle between Mistress and Malaysia? Or Marcia and Malaysia?

Malaysia deserved to be in bottom 2; this decision was pretty obvious. Frankie Grande took on the role of interviewer and the Queen lost control. Her charisma did not shine during the interview, so it sealed her fate. I agreed with the judges that the interview didn’t work and Malaysia couldn’t fix it.

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However, how was the other one in the bottom Salina?

Salina did a decent job at the interview; she tried her best to interact with Love Connie. When her guest spoke for too long, she tried to find a natural way to engage and continue. It’s not unlike some of the other challenges the queens have faced, like Luxx in the fast moving cart. It seemed that the judges were too critical of Salina when she should just be safe.

Two other queens did not serve as well. Marcia and Mistress got a free pass to their performances when it looked like the time for lip-syncing had come. I disagreed with the judges on that.

For the dubbing “Single Ladies” of Beyoncé, Salina killed the number from beginning to end. She had the energy and fire to match “Sasha Fierce” in all letters. Also, mimicking the dance moves from the music video gave her an extra edge.

It’s an iconic song and music video. Simply make the spinning queen and pull cart steps; most people will immediately recognize which song these moves are from.

Malaysia, on the other hand, felt oddly subdued. Her energy seemed low and she didn’t push herself any further to keep up with the high energy performance. Had she, internally, thrown in the towel?

I was expecting a battle, but it felt unbalanced for what one would expect from a Beyoncé song dubbed on the main stage.

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Let’s face it, they weren’t Queen B’s most spectacular looks. However, it was better than Madonna’s Thousand Kimonos night from Season 8 of Drag Race. I think drag queens were afraid to choose only the Bey’s most iconic looks, like those from Formation or Coachella, and so they ended up going for unexpected, but not so memorable looks.

Luxx Noir London and Sasha Colby had the top 2 amazing looks on the “Night of 1000 Beyoncés” runway. Luxx’s fiery red Tina Turner tribute dress looked stunning on her; the warm colors radiated beauty from her. And Sasha’s silver mini dress could easily become a new staple in her performance wardrobe.

Why did everyone ask Frankie Grande the same question? Group 2 should have planned their topic separation in more detail.

Loosey looked so devastated that she didn’t win the main challenge. The edit emphasized the startling loss; you know she’s going to talk about it on the couch in the next episode.

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This episode deserves 4 crowns.

Via TvFanatic. To read more news from RPDR 15 click here.

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