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The second installment of the Squid Craft Games is about to take place in twitch. This year, the series will have 200 participants, including five Peruvian streamers. Everyone will seek to win the US$100,000 that is there as a prize for a single winner.

The Peruvians who will participate in the Squid Craft Games 2 are: Moxwdf, ElZeein, TheDaarick28, lLocochon and DUXORETHEY. The first two are probably the best known, having been hugely successful on YouTube in the past decade.

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The five must overcome various tests to reach the grand finale of Squid Craft Games 2. In this series, each streamer must watch the back of the rest, because in the end only one will come out as a winner. While many will create groups to try to survive, the trials could force them to betray any friends they have made.

Squid Craft Games 2 is made in Minecraft, the popular video game from Mojang. With the theme of the series ‘The Squid Game’, this competition is set with the characters seen in the Netflix product, such as the guards or even the ‘green light, red light’ girl. This year, the event carried out by Eufonia Studio, will be held in a place set in Mexicoas announced during the ESLAND Awards.

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In the first installment, 147 streamers participated, which included Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, Fernanfloo, JuanGuarnizo, Rubius, Spreen, among others, and the winner was OllieGamerz, who defeated ElXokas in the final.. This year, the number of participants was increased, but everything seems to indicate that one of the creators, AuronPlay, will not play. However, his place will not be taken.

The Squid Craft Games 2 start this Tuesday, February 28 and does not have an official channel on Twitch to watch them. Instead, each user can watch the stream of their favorite content creator and see their perspective until the competition ends or he is eliminated. Even if your favorite streamer does not participate in the game, but is part of the filmmakers, you will be able to see his live stream. This is the complete list of participants:

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