The Cello Man, Alien vs. Predator and the Fortnite Play Game, Triumph in a Great Street Mask Contest

The cello man, in the individual category; Alien vs. Predator, in pairs and the Fortnite Play Game in the group category were the winners in a great street mask contest that has recovered the splendor of the old days. A large turnout, the warmth that the public has given to the masks on their way from the Paseo de las Moreras to the Carnival Palace and the great atmosphere at the awards ceremony led to a lively carnival and party afternoon.

Ingenuity, fantasy, cunning and a sense of humor overflowed in the Local Contest of the Spontaneous Mask of the Tomelloso Carnival. It was not easy for the jury made up of the Councilor for Social Services, Montse Moreno; those responsible for the La Piñata store; Esteban Aguado and Sandra Paraíso, Lidia Gorrachategui from the Dance Studio and Cándida Castellanos, representing Moral Teatro. At the scheduled time, half past nine, his verdict was announced amid great expectation.

The public was able to admire the People’s Monopoly, characters as well known as Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi m Alice in Wonderland and and the Mad Hatter; Repsol team bikers, the ingredients of a magnificently made giant paella; a spectacular Cello, which has won the first prize in the individual category, the Nursing Team and its ambulance, some firefighters, a scrap dealer with his collection of old electrical appliances or an incredible costume made from balloons.

The elegant and flashy costumes of Arturia and Uzui, straight out of the anime universe, also caused a sensation; Alien vs. Predator, winners of the first prize for couples, and the Fortnite Play Game characters, first prize for groups, who have perfectly embodied and represented the lively Tinajo family. The spectacular device with which they have paraded has attracted attention, a true prodigy of imagination and good work.

The carnival crier, Ángel Morales, accompanied by Zoilo Gonzalez, also won the prize, with his Calle de la Limosna and an witty invisible beggar. Other costumes that were not in the contest have attracted attention, but have contributed to the magic of the street mask. This is the case of a group of women who have represented a court of Queen and Ladies with a great sense of humor. The party was joined by many parents and children who had participated in the school parade that morning. The DJ raised the decibels so that the party and the rhythm did not drop. Pepe Sánchez presented the multigenerational contest that has brought together families and groups of friends. The presenter highlighted those people who do the work that cannot be seen: municipal employees, technicians, waiters and the media.

This is how the prize table was finally:


1st (150 euros) : CELLO

2nd (130 euros): FANTASY OF COLORS

3rd (110 euros) : FIRE DEPARTMENT

4th (90 euros): ARTURIA

5th (50 euros): UZUI



2nd (170 euros): WONDERLAND (Fantasy Alice in Wonderland)

3rd (150 euros): STREET OF ALMS


5th (100 euros): NURSING


1st (280 euros): FORTNITE PLAY GAME

2nd (250 euros): MONOPOLY OF THE PEOPLE

3rd (200 euros): PAELLA


5th (120 euros): BIZANETA

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