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Celebrities read too. And well, judging by the list published two years ago about the literary taste of some of them.

I’m referring to the international ones, whose taste is peculiar, comprehensive, and, to a certain extent, unusual. I will select below some of the preferences pointed out about books that I have already read.

Tom Hanks chose Cold blood, by Truman Capote, a dense narrative that would have inaugurated the novel-report genre. The book that reaches its peak as a reportage, reaches more forceful and overwhelming tones as a novel.

Lady Gaga pointed out as favorite Letters to a Young Poetby Rilke, which translates the poetic heart that beats behind the talented singer and actress that she is.

Jessica Biel, the beauty, came from soft is the night by Scott Fitzgerald, a novel as superb as its title, whose construction and effect rivals The big Gatsbythe author’s most famous title, which is no small feat.

Jeniffer Lawrence, the singer and actress, chose Raise the ridge high JD Sallinger who was the most cited author, 3 times, twice because of Catcher in the Ryeincluding by Woody Allen, which needs no comment.

Pierce Brosman preferred The Grapes of Wrathby John Steinbeck, a voluminous novel that tells the saga of an American family in times of the Depression, which I read in my youth, but today I don’t know if I would take it for the theme, somewhat repeated.

The strange case of the dead dogby Mark Haddon, pointed out by the singer Donald Glover, I quote with special affection for having discovered it, by chance, in a used bookstore, being a case that borders on the police, from the point of view of an autistic person, involving drama, humor and poetry, as well as empathy for these special beings.

Of all the choices, the one that surprised me the most was Donald Trump. His favorite book was The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale, a book halfway between self-help and religious that I read in my youth and that I am not embarrassed to indicate as a good training book for anyone regardless of their religious belief, or not. There is in it the sedimentation of a philosophical expectation, based on biblical passages that was very useful for me during my youth.

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