This novelty of Pokémon GO is going to annoy the players

The latest update of Pokémon GO paves the way for a novelty that will anger many. Advertising on capture?

At the end of last January, before revealing the calendar of events for February, Niantic rolled out an update of Pokémon GO full of novelties, among which was, for example, a new PokéDex for the ninth generation. Among the data of said patch, a novelty that will anger quite to the players of Pokémon GO: AR advertising.

The development team has finished rolling out this feature after months of profiling it. Pokémon GO you are ready to introduce advertising videos in Augmented Reality (AR Ads), in fact, the function is already active and, most likely, it will begin to be seen soon in different territories.

At the moment, it is unknown how, where and when it will start 100%. But it is there, and it has been introduced to be used. We will see if it is used to campaign when the most important events of the game arrive, or to monetize it even more, since it is a free application.

if you see video advertising to the try to capture a Pokémon in Augmented Reality, or when trying to take a photo, you already know what it is due to.

Pokemon GO Withdraw Function

Niantic has announced that it is removing the AR Scan Tasks feature from Pokémon GO only for certain trainers.


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