VALORANT Champions 2023 will be played in the United States

The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, United States will bring together the 16 best teams of the season in the VALORANT Champions 2023

As the Valorant community celebrates Fnatic’s victory in the VCT LOOK//IN, Riot Games prepares everything for the world of its shooting game. The developer announced that the VALORANT Champions 2023 is already based and will be held in Los Angeles, United States.

The 2023 season of the professional competitive Valorant It has had many changes, especially with the theme of the Regional Leagues. LOOK//IN marked the beginning of the international competition with the best teams gathered in Brazil and ended with LOUD falling to Fnatic in a heart-stopping series.

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Prior to the final confrontation of the VCT LOOK//IN, Riot Games announced that Los Angeles, United States will bring together the best teams of the 2023 season to battle for the world championship in VALORANT Champions. The Shrine Auditorium will host the maximum FPS tournament that will be held from August 6 to 20 of this year.

That Los Angeles is the venue for VALORANT Champions 2023 is not surprising, since the game has gained quite a bit of popularity among the North American public. Let’s also remember that the League of Legends world championship was held on American soil.

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“We were finally in a position where we could host an event in Los Angeles.” With Riot’s headquarters in the city and many of the Rioters living there, the organizing team is very excited to bring the tournament to North American soil, said Anna Donlon, Valorant’s senior vice president and studio director.

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