what are Place Cards and how to get them

Niantic kicked off the year with its first major in-person, global event, Pokémon GO Tour 2023taking the opportunity to introduce a new function to its game for mobile devices. Location Cards are a new collectible that will allow Trainers to remember locations. where they were or special events.

You want to know more? Here we explain what the Location Cards are and how you can access them.

What are Pokémon GO Location Cards?

Location Cards are a new attribute present on Pokémon that are caught in very special locations or during exclusive events. Its about special backgrounds that appear in the description of the Pokémon.

Its official description states the following:

Location cards will be a new way for Trainers to remember where they caught specific Pokémon and commemorate visits to special events or locations. Location cards will display an image on a Pokémon’s summary page related to the area where the Pokémon was caught. The location card will rotate with the background of the previous Pokémon Summary page.

What Pokémon offer Location Cards?

After testing this new function in the Pokémon GO Tour in Las Vegas, we were able to verify that not all Pokémon in events like this have a Location Card, which limited to more special creatures only captured in special situations like Raids of specific gyms.

At the moment, the only Pokémon that have had this function were distributed at the Pokémon GO Tour 2023 in Las Vegas, but It could well be a function that Niantic uses for creatures that are captured both in its future special events and in very touristy places around the world. so Trainers can remember their travels.

Pokemon Place Card 2

This is the notification you get the first time you are given a Location Card.

How can I see the Location Card of a Pokémon caught at a location or special event?

The Location Letter is the background that appears on a Pokémon’s description page. Instead of the classic rotation of the animated ecosystem, you will be able to see a special photograph alluding to the related place or event.

Pokemon Location Card

This is what Pokémon that have a Location Card look like, with an alternative background in their description.

If your Pokémon does not have a Location Card, you have the alternative of using a Capture Card as an alternative to remember where you caught it. To access it you have to do the following:

  1. Go to the pokemon’s description page
  2. Tap the options menu in the bottom right corner
  3. Tap the ‘Card Captures’ option.
  4. You have the option to take a snapshot of the Pokémon at the location where you caught it so that it appears on the card.
Pokemon Place Card 3

An alternative for Pokémon that do not have a Location Card is to use the Capture Cards available to all creatures. They show a personalized photograph and the place or event where you got them.

Although the snapshot is not saved on the card, taking a screenshot will allow you to have the cards that remind you of the places where you captured the Pokémon.

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