Billie Eilish says she no longer looks at social media and explains why

The singer gained fame through such platforms, but today she avoids them for a very particular reason.

Born in 2001, Billie Eilish grew as the internet became popular across the planet. His fame was even conquered with great help from the world wide web: in 2015, his first single “ocean eyes” received 100k auditions in two weeks on the platform soundcloudand the original intention was just to show the song to a dance teacher to put together a choreography.

Despite being aware that her career only reached such a level because of the internet, the singer is cautious when using the internet. Appearing on the podcast of Conan O’Brien (via Rolling Stone USA), Billie stated to be off social media at the moment. The profiles are still active, but are fed by a hired team, not by itself.

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I don’t look at it anymore. I deleted everything from my phone which is such an accomplishment for me.”

Then, the young artist explained why she took an attitude that many would consider drastic nowadays. She remembered that, after all, nobody had internet until some time ago. She herself spent her childhood without access to the tool, so it is not impossible to survive without social networks.

“Man, you didn’t have the internet growing up. For me, it was such a big part of… not my childhood, I wasn’t an ‘iPad baby’, thank goodness, but honestly, I grew up in the perfect time where the internet wasn’t so… internet. I had a childhood and I was doing real things all the time.”

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Pre-teens on the internet

Still in his story, Billie Eilish — who will present Lollapalooza Brazil on the 24th of March — explained that smartphones appeared in her life when she was a pre-teen. Over time, she realized one of the great problems of the internet: how easy it is to be manipulated by content that is available online, reaching you through social networks.

“Slowly, the videos I’m watching and the things I’m seeing on the internet are about me. ‘Eww, I don’t like that’. It scares me how much the internet makes people naive. I have proof of this in the things I read about myself. I know it’s stupid and I don’t need it in my life since I know it’s not all true. In fact, almost none of that is true. ‘Harmless’ lies.”

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Billie Eilish off social media

It’s not the first time Billie Eilish reveals to be out of social networks. In 2021, when granting an interview for the Los Angeles Timesthe singer said she already avoided such platforms.

“There are some people, like my brother (Finneas), who can read a message from someone they don’t like and immediately delete it. He won’t even read it. I can not do this. If Satan sent me a message, I would think: ‘what did he say to me?’. I want to hear what people have to say. And I grew up on the internet, I agree with a lot of what the internet says. Some of the things they make fun of people for, it’s funny because it’s kind of true, right? And it worries me, because I’m like, ‘Are the bad things people say about me true?’

A traumatic event involving a swimsuit photo, posted by her when she turned 18, was reported in the sequel. “From the fact that you could see my shoulders, everyone was like, ‘She turned 18 and she’s a slut!’”

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