League of Legends: three big changes to rotating game modes

The video game will add a game mode, but it is still in development.

The complaints of the players for the first months of news in League of Legends during 2023 they reached Riot Gamesso the developers decided to listen to them and confirmed that they are working on a new game mode.

During this beginning of the year, the video game updates have been focused on the balance of the characters, abilities and the introduction of champions, as well as the redesign of some.

However, the community is asking for changes with more variety, thinking less about competitive play, and finally the news will arrive, albeit with a sacrifice for a couple of months.

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Riot He assured that for at least the next four months there will be no additional game modes, as has become customary rotating between URF, ARURF, Spellbook and One for All.

This decision is made because the team is going to focus on the development of a new mode and that is why they cannot support these additional ones for a while.

“Unfortunately, we are so focused on getting the new game mode out that we have been forced to stop working on the pre-existing modes we have in rotation. This means that we won’t release another of the rotation modes until the summer, when we roll out the new mode. We know some will like this, but we will relaunch it later in the year when we have released 2v2v2v2,” the company said.

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The video game will add a game mode, but it is still in development.

Some details are already known about the new game mode. It is a fight between four teams, of two players each, in which they will face each other in rounds, losing life for each defeat and gaining items, levels and increases at the time of victory.

Regarding the point of the increases, they explained that they are improvements that allow the characters to be configured to a great extent, which allows them to do things different from what they usually do. For example, some focus on removing the weaknesses of certain heroes, while others enhance their strongest points.

This is the general outline, as the developers prefer to save information because the work is still a prototype and some things might change before launch like some character abilities or increase them just for these fights.

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The video game will add a game mode, but it is still in development.

The release of additional game modes during these four months will leave users with only three alternatives to enjoy the PC title. These are the traditional Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss (ARAM) and added a few years ago Teamfight Tactics.

Precisely during this announcement, it was confirmed that ARAM will continue to be available permanently and that it already has several changes ready:

– As of Patch 13.4 it will return to the death times of Patch 12.22. In case this isn’t enough to even out the Ice Gates situation. If this doesn’t fix the game situation, more changes will be made to the Ice Gates.

– More balance adjustments will be made on champions, as well as reassessing the current situation.

– Turret debris mechanic will be de-emphasized. Although the decision is not final and perhaps try to fix them before, the developers of League of Legends are willing to remove them.

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