LoL: How does the new chat tool work?

Patch 13.4 added a new chat tool, along with two commands that let other players know that you’ve been muted.

He patch 13.4 from League of Legends added a lot of changes to the game, from starting items to supports, champions, and even jungle clearing. But, one of the most striking that the update brought has to do with the communication system. We explain how the new chat tool works.

The LoL communication system has been in constant adjustment due to the toxicity of the game. For this update, the developer implemented two new tools: Group chat and commands /muteself – /deafen.

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ANDthe group chat is the new tool that allows you to communicate only with the members of your preset set. These channels indicate who will see the messages you send, something that was previously limited to only two chats. The bar will show the channels where what you write will arrive and you can switch between them using the key

. In addition, they can be modified in settings.

Incoming group chat messages will be indicated by [Party] before the text and will be the default for new players. The commands /party, /pt or /p will allow quick access to the group chat.

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As for the new commands that are available in the new patch, they seek to facilitate communication between players. According to the developer, “some players were using the automatic chat mute and abuse detection feature to mute themselves, which is a misuse of the system.” This is because when using the command /muteall you couldn’t see what allies were placing in chat. The new commands are:

  • /muteself: This will prevent you from using text chat and will notify other players that you are muted. To enable it again, you just have to use the command again.
  • /deafen: It will prevent you from using text chat and also will not let you see what other players are typing. It will also notify you that you have been muted and to undo it, you just have to use the command again.

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