SunPayus eliminates Movistar Riders in the CCT

The passage of Movistar Riders in the CCT Central Europe Malta Finals has been marked by the ‘law of ex’. Neither in the group stage nor in the playoffs have the riders managed to beat ENCE, something that has cost them their elimination from the tournament. The Madrid organization said goodbye to the championship after losing 2-1 against the Finnish entity in the lower bracket of the knockout phase. That leaves Álvaro García.”SunPayus»as the only Spanish representative of the championship after having to act as executioner against Riders.

Movistar Riders started with defeat in the CCT after losing 11-16 to ENCE. Due to this same initial result, the Madrid club faced the confrontation with enthusiasm. However, before reaching this point, they qualified for the playoffs thanks to a 0-2 against Sprout and a 1-2 against Team Spirit. The horsemen were paired with the Bad News Eagles, something that has finally taken its toll on them. The Eagles sent Riders to the bottom bracket with a resounding 2-0 win in the semifinals of the upper bracket. A 16-8 in Overpass and a 16-10 in Ancient gave the Kosovars the next round.

The series between ENCE and Movistar Riders started in favor of the Finns. The Riders chose Inferno as their starting map, but SunPayus and company managed to steal it. The first game was even, as it ended 14-16, but it was the second where Riders stepped up. The Madrid organization made a show of what it is to ‘steal a map’ in Counter-Strike endorsing a 16-4 on Mirage to force the third map. Finally, ENCE made it to the next round thanks to a 16-7 in Nuke where he shone as a terrorist. The most consistent player in the series was Pavle Boskovic.”Maden«.

Movistar Riders is not going through its best moment

In the same week, Movistar Riders has run out of options to win the CCT Central Europe Malta Finals and without the possibility of qualifying for the next major from Paris. The Madrid organization has started the year with a 2-8 record in terms of maps. The riders have a date set for March 1, the date on which they will debut in the 17th ESL Pro League. Riders will face Heroic in the EPL, but before that they will play Bad News Eagle again on February 28 in the 44th ESL Challenger League. As far as SunPayus is concerned, the AW Per It will continue in the CCT against the loser of the match between the eagles and Eternal Fire.

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