There are 4 new boxes in Pokémon GO and not all of them are worth it: this is the one with which you will not waste money – Pokémon GO

A new pack of boxes is available in the Pokémon GO store for those Trainers who are interested in increasing their item supplies due to the arrival of the Las Vegas Hoenn Tour. However, of these 4 boxes Not all of them are worth it, so before throwing away the money, we will tell you which of them is most worth it. Come on!

New boxes in Pokémon GO

Currently, in the store we find a total of 8 boxessome were already there before and others have just arrived, but they are also lowered.

pokemon go boxes

apprentice pack

  • Premium Battle Pass.
  • Superincubator.
  • Incubator.

Price: 400 coins.

Expertise Pack

  • 10 Premium Battle Pass.
  • 2 Star Pieces.
  • 2 Lucky Eggs.

Price: 900 coins.

Super Cool Raid Pack

  • 10 Premium Battle Passes.
  • 3 Star Pieces.
  • 3 Lucky Egg.

Price: 750 coins.

Training Pack

  • 50 Ultra Ball
  • 1 Pokemon Storage.
  • 2 Incense.
  • 1 Increase in space.

Price: 55o coins.

exploration pack

  • 10 Superincubators.
  • 5 Incenses.
  • 10 Incubators.

Price: 1850 coins.

travel packages

  • 4 Superincubators.
  • 2 Incense.
  • 5 Incubators.
  • 1 Bait Module.

Price: 999 coins.

Legend Pack

  • Fast Attack Elite TM.
  • Charged Attack Elite TM.
  • 10 Superincubators.
  • 10 Incubators.

Price: 3775 coins.

Now, of all the packages, the box that is most worthwhile is the one with Super Cool Raid. All these objects have a total cost of 1,540 coins, but we can get them for 750, more than half. However, the rest of the boxes can also be very useful depending on your needs.

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