Counter Strike 2: The new version of the Valve classic could be very close

After more than 10 years of the launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , Valve is preparing to announce a new version of his historic game tactical shooting. Also, a beta version could arrive later this month.

Valve, according to information specialists regarding the game, tentatively plans to begin beta testing the game with the broader Counter-Strike community no later than April 1.

As for improvements, the new Counter-Strike will reportedly feature improved graphical fidelity thanks to a behind-the-scenes switch to Source 2, the latest version of Valve’s in-house game engine.

In addition, specialist reports say that the game will support 128-tick servers, a feature that would bring CS in line with Valorant and reduce latency. Valve is also said to have significantly improved the matchmaking experience, which should make the community less reliant on third-party services like FACEIT.

To reinforce this data, earlier this month some CS:GO fans found evidence that NVIDIA GPU drivers included references to “csgo2.exe” and “cs2.exe” as far back as February.

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