VCT Transfer Season 2023: VALORANT franchise teams and offseason rumors

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As the start date for VALORANT International Leagues approaches, VCT teams (VALORANT Champions Tour) 2023 they have a month to adjust and close their teams with the signings. So that you do not miss anything that is happening, we tell you everything that is happening.

VCT’s 2023 season of VALORANT It will officially start on March 26, which means that the 30 franchise teams in the game can already close their players after VCT LOCK//IN. Between March 6 and 25, the last-minute transfer period will open before the international leagues begin.

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At the time of writing this news, Cloud9 has been the only team that has made changes. However, things could change as the deadline approaches.

According to VCT rules, the size of the squad is limited to 10 players which includes the four substitutes. Although the transfer period will close on March 25, the 30 teams will have to be in their respective cities on March 19. That is, a whole week before the international leagues start.

For all this, we will cover all the movements and rumors of the three international leagues.

The article continues after the announcement.

Note: Team rosters are not final and are subject to change.

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After the VCT LOCK//IN the transfer season begins

VCT transfer season 2023: all the changes

7 of March

  • After parting ways with yay, Cloud9 is looking to replace Vanity according to Max Katz and Dot Esports.

6th of March

  • The Chilean player keznit would be about to leave Leviatán and return to KRÜ Esports, according to Lembo.
  • Sentinels would have in its sights Marved, a former OpTic Gaming player to replace SicK who is suspended after his arrest for trespassing according to Dot Esports.
  • Something could be a substitute player for the Paper Rex team after testing with them according to Dot Esports.

March 4:

  • Cloud9 has tested several players in the last few days (nerve, runi, icy, snirot, and Blahst) looking for a replacement for yay as reported. Dot Esports. Apparently, the North American organization is not willing to satisfy Marved’s salary demands either.

March 1st:

  • Cloud9 has confirmed that they have “mutually” parted ways with yay, whose future is now up in the air with less than a month to go until the start of the season.

26 of February:

  • Cloud9 and yay have decided to part ways according to Dot Esports. Likewise, the medium Add that the team will start testing next week. Marved, a former OpTic Gaming star, is on the team’s shortlist.

February 25:

  • Cloud9 is not happy with yay and vanity’s performance in VCT LOCK//IN and is considering leaving them on the bench, according to Alejandro “anonimatum” Gomis. in Valorant Universe.

23 of February:

  • Cloud9 is considering reshuffling their roster after their disappointing performance at VCT LOCK//IN, according to Dot Esports. Max Katz suggests that the star player yay will not be part of the roster for the 2023 season.

VALORANT Franchise Team Rosters – VCT 2023 Transfer Season

VCT EMEA league rosters

VCT Pacific league rosters

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