Date and all the details of Marvel World of Heroes, the “Pokémon GO” of superheroes

It is no secret that Pokémon GO has marked a before and after in the world of mobile video games and, more specifically, in those that bet on augmented reality (AR). Of course, Pokémon GO was not the first of these video games, but it was the first to bring them to the general public and thereby establish itself as one of the most successful games of all time. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many who have wanted to follow in his wake.

Jurassic World Alive, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Angry Birds AR or Minecraft Earth are just a few examples of works by big brands that have tried (in most cases without much success) to imitate Pokémon GO. But this 2023 a new contender arrives on the list, and it does so with one of the most popular brands behind it. We talk about Marvel World of Heroes, the game similar to Pokémon GO that includes the most famous superheroes from comics and movies.

What is Marvel World of Heroes?

Marvel World of Heroes is defined as a totally new mobile game based on augmented reality technology. Translating this into something that we all understand, it is the adaptation of the world of Marvel superheroes to a game in the purest Pokémon GO style.

Marvel World of Heroes puts us in the shoes of a superhero (that we can create and customize ourselves) in which we will have to physically move around our city to “patrol and fight crime.” Also, just like in Pokémon GO, the game includes a cooperative component to encourage us to join our friends and neighbors in these crime-fighting patrols. Below, you have the official description and trailer of the game:

«Become a Marvel superhero in the real world. Create your own hero, patrol your neighborhood to thwart crimes, and team up with your friends and iconic Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine to save the Multiverse.«.

At the moment there are not many more details, since the official announcement was made a few months ago. Specific details on gameplay and progression are not yet available, but much more is expected to be revealed over the next few months.

Why should you pay attention to Marvel World of Heroes?

There are many augmented reality games that try to repeat the success of Pokémon GO, but why is Marvel World of Heroes more likely to succeed than the rest?

The answer is simple: its developers and the brand they exploit. Marvel World of Heroes not only takes advantage of characters and narrative elements from one of the most fashionable fictional universes in recent years (thanks to the success of The Avengers) but also relies on Niantic for its development. The same creators of Pokémon GO return to the fray with another world-class brand.

Only time will tell what the result is, but, a priori, Marvel World of Heroes aims to be the first major augmented reality game since the launch of Pokémon GO. We’ll see if it lives up to those expectations.

marvel world of heroes 2 Date and all the details of Marvel World of Heroes, the "Pokémon GO" of superheroes

Marvel World of Heroes Release Date

Marvel World of Heroes is scheduled for release on sometime in 2023.

However, beyond this wide window no details have been given. Of course, on the official website it is explained that «Marvel World of Heroes will be released shortly and will initially be available in limited markets for beta testing. Throughout the launch period, we will be testing and refining the gameplay experience as we gather feedback from our beta testers.«.

Thus, if you want to play as soon as possible, you must access the game’s official website and register with your email to receive the latest updates and notices regarding the launch in your territory.

Requirements and additional details

As we told you above, although the launch of Marvel World of Heroes is expected in the coming months, for now there are very few details that Niantic has shared publicly. It is because of that We do not yet have a list of minimum and recommended requirements for the video game. Although what we do have is a very small initial list of confirmed characters:

confirmed superheroes

  • spider-man
  • Wolverine
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Dr Strange
  • Cyclops

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