Counter Strike: 9z will be played today for the permanence in FiReLEAGUE Academy – Previous results and how to watch it

FiReLEAGUE Academy will end its first phase after the 9z vs. Target in Counter Strike. The details, in this note!

During the evening of this friday march 10 we will have the clash between the academies of 9z vs. Meta Gaming for him decide match of the B Group of FiReLEAGUE Academy in Counter Strike. For now, the Group A You already have your classifieds in RAGE and painwho along with MiBR will play the Playoffs of the competition.

Now, the last ticket will be defined 9z and Meta Gaming. Both teams met in the opening match of the tournament and on that occasion it was a victory for Goal with overtime included by 19-17 in the map Ancient. then the Violet solidly won the elimination match versus mad kings under partial 16-2 in hell and 16-5 in over pass.

For your part, once Goal beat 9zthe team went to the winners game vs. MiBRwhere they fell 10-16 in over pass. This fact ended up giving him the first place of the B Group the Brazilians and a rematch between the Argentine team and the Brazilian/Paraguayan for the second place.

As a complement, the decide match of 9z vs. Goal will take place from 6:00 p.m. of Argentina and the rosters that they would present would be the following. by the side of Goal we have AKEX, Dabliu, nate, swarmy and crownzera as members of the academy and 9z would form next to relentless, Juaniv, Ivanzinho, HUASOPEEK and PABLEK.

In regards to Group Athe formative divisions of RAGE They qualified after beating Doxa in it debut with a crushing 16-1 in Mirage and after repeating the trend before pain in the winners’ match, this time for 16-12 in Vertigo. However, pain raised head vs. Sharks Youngsters in it decide by 2 to 0 (Nuke: 16-13 and Ancient: 19-15) to stay in competition.

Without further ado, below you will find the days and times (adapted to Argentina) established by FiReLEAGUE Academy to continue with the best action of the academies of Counter Strikewhere the 2 finalists of the current competition will classify the Final LAN that will begin the March 18th with $15,000 in Game:

  • Group stage
    • Friday 10/3:
      • Goal Ac. vs. 9z Academy – 6:00 p.m. / Decide Match of B Group
  • Playoffs
    • Semifinals 11/3:
      • FURY Ac. vs. meta/9z
      • MiBR Ac. vs. paiN Ac.
    • Grand Finale 12/3:
      • Semis 1 winner vs. Semi 2 Winner

In addition, all matches will be played at best of 3 maps (Bo3). Individually, the playoffs They still do not have confirmed schedules, but we sense that the semifinals will take place on the day Saturday 3/11 and the Grand finale will be the Sunday 12/3since that day defined FiReLEAGUE Academy to finish your competition Counter Strike. I lived the definition live and free via the channel of twitch of FiReLEAGUE.

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