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The entire video game industry stops every time Fortnite Announce a new event. Millions of gamers around the world want to be part of the concerts, collaborations and season closures because the developer company Epic Games always has a surprise or interactive event.

On March 9, the company published the teaser for Season 2 of Chapter 4. Where, we see that there is a clear theme that will modify the island and the characters that we all know. In the teaser, a cyberpunk style is evident.

The video is accompanied by a Japanese song called Woo! Go!, performed by Atarashi Gakko. A new city is shown that has huge buildings, neon signs and classic cyberpunk elements, such as futuristic machinery.

Epic Games clarifies at the end of the teaser that it is not content extracted from the gameplay of the season 2 patch and that some elements that we see there will be paid for in the virtual store or in the next battle pass.

Where to see the event of season 2 of chapter 4

What to expect from the season closing event?

At the doors of the big event, many rumors are shared regarding the content that we will see from now on. The collaboration with Star Wars is still pending, while it has been leaked that there will be a special event involving the characters from the Attack on Titan anime.

As for the gameplay, insiders say that the Pump Shotgun will return, one of the strongest shotguns in the title. In turn, there is talk in the forums specialized in leaks that Epic Games is working on a first-person game mode.

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