Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: When and what time does it start?

Epic Games is ready to turn the page on the fourth chapter of its battle royale in order to start a new season surely full of unprecedented content, changes to the map, of course new characters and much more but, exactly When and at what time does Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite?

In recent days, a lot of noise has been made regarding the new season of Fortnite more than anything for the incredible anime collaboration that comes in this edition that is with none other than Attack on Titan, but also for all the great changes that it will bring to the map, because in the trailer we can see that a lot of buildings begin to fall from the sky, rails appear where players can slide Sonic-style, new vehicles and much more. No doubt Chapter 4 Season 2 looks promising and best of all, you can start enjoying it now.

That’s right, after much confusion this week, Epic Games clarified that Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite formally started this March 10 at 2:00 AM ET, that is to say that in Mexico it started just this morning at 1:00 AM. Which means that players can now fully immerse themselves in all the content that awaits them with this new episode.

What can we expect from Chapter 4 Season 2?

In addition to what has already been quite explicit with the trailers for this second season of the fourth chapter, leaks and other sources such as Comicbook announce the upcoming arrival of a new collaboration with starwars, although for now Epic Games has not revealed anything official; However, it could arrive in time for May 4, the day the galactic franchise is celebrated.

On the other hand, there has been talk that there will be skins of resident Evil due to the launch of Resident Evil 4 Remake that arrives in just a few days on consoles and PC, so possibly characters like Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, among others, are landing on the battle royale.

Will you dare to enter Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite?


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