It’s a ridiculous but necessary change: The new Counter-Strike must end a tradition of more than 20 years ago – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If a new version of Counter-Strike is on the way, Valve should think about a little sacrifice.

All the information indicates that we are about to receive a new version of counter strike. It may come as a major update to Global Offensive or as a direct sequel to Valve’s most played video game. However, after years of waiting, it seems that we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rumors speak of an imminent announcement and even the launch of a beta before the end of this month of March. The perfect opportunity to make big changes that the company should take advantage of for something that, although it will sound absurd to you, is truly relevant.

A Counter-Strike without terrorists?

The measure that has gained some traction online is a simple change in terminology. “Hopefully, Counter-Strike 2 will change the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘counter-terrorist’ to attackers and defenders”He said the tweet original. The motivation of this user was for the game to be accepted in the esports leagues of the schools, although the consequences would be much more notable. Just think of Valorant. The title of Riot Games is the great competitor of CS:GO and does not use terms that could imply violence at any time. The sides do not have a fixed name and there is not even a bomb as such. Instead the device is called “Spike”, something that doesn’t really have negative connotations..

There are several reasons why this is important. It seems unlikely that, on that alone, Counter-Strike’s age rating will drop. However, yes would make it easier to get endorsement deals. CS:GO is, like Valorant, a title focused very clearly on its competitive side. What is rarely said about esports events is that they are also marketing tools. It is the ‘easiest’ way to make a game that lasts over time. Valve it hardly adds new content, but the competitive spirit is enough to make its shooter game reach its peak just a few days ago. historical peak of simultaneous players.

Using friendlier terminology makes it easier to find great collaborators. It is what is defined as “brand safety”. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t care what terms video games use because you know them so well. However, brands want to take care of their image and not associate themselves with titles that use words with negative connotations. Think of them like that overprotective YouTube algorithm that demonetizes your favorite creators. “Bomb” and “terrorist” are not things sponsors want to hear while your logo appears on the screen.

In this sense, it is no coincidence that most of the sponsors of the big Counter-Strike tournaments are brands already used to the sector, bookmakers or focused on a young audience. Maybe Monster doesn’t mind being attached to these activities as long as they’re fictional, but it will cost you more to convince Amazon or other service providers. To this we must add something important. Brands outside the video game industry are the ones that pay the most for sponsorship deals. Not being able to attract them by two sad words It is a much more serious problem for the game than it seems. in the first place.

What Valve will do is a mystery, because to be truly effective this measure would have to be accompanied by other changes that players would not like. Disposing of blood or replacing the pump with another device are adjustments where the Counter-Strike community would likely draw the line. However, simply switching to calling teams attackers or defenders doesn’t seem too problematic. A member of the community he even suggested on Twitter the term “Takers” and “Counter Takers” to keep the nomenclature T and CT without giving it negative connotations.

We insist on the same idea, It’s not about what you or I think nor that we do not know that these words mean hardly anything, but we remind you that there was a real scandal when CS: GO was released due to the fact that the characters wore txapela and a white hood. These things brands don’t like one bit.

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