League of Legends: Messi and Maradona were inspiration for this new character

Milio will be the new video game character for the start of season 13. (Riot Games)

thousand is the new character that comes to League of Legends and its concept is strongly inspired by Latin America, by using phrases from the region for its dubbing and based on situations that went viral on the internet with Messi and Maradona.

This is not the first time that Riot Games It puts references in its characters to elements of popular culture, for example, when the dance command ‘Blitzcrank’ is pressed, it will begin to move to the rhythm of the song Macarena or the LeBlanc skin with several references to Cruella from the movie 101 Dalmatians.

Now with Milio, various elements of Latin culture are taken, such as soccer and his words.

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For this character, League of Legends created the story of a 12-year-old boy who is a master in handling fire, which is already a first reference to our region, because the south of the continent is known as Tierra del Fuego because of the Isla Grande that is located between Argentina and Chili.

The area where Milio comes from is called Ixtal, which is a fictional version of Latin America in the game by having several references to the jungle, nature and animals with other characters like Nindalee, Neeko and Malphite.

Milio will be the new video game character for the start of season 13. (Riot Games)

In his handling of fire, this character has an ability called Ultra Mega Burning Kick, which is activated by pressing Q and with which the champion kicks a ball of fire to hit an opponent, making its first reference to the football culture of Latam.

Then come the references to the two Argentine soccer players. In the dubbing of his voice into Spanish, he mentions the word “¡Golaaazo!”, which is a clear inspiration for the video that went viral in which Diego Maradona he was celebrating with euphoria a goal he scored against a child.

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In the Latin dubbing version, the reference to Lionel Messiwith “What are you looking at, fool”, a phrase that was immortalized in the Qatar 2022 World Cup after the match against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals and his brush with the player, Wout Weghorst, while speaking to the media.

In that same dubbing, he mentions other phrases from Latin culture such as “Do you want to see a cool trick?”, as well as other references to his clothes, such as the poncho his grandmother made.

Milio will be available from Wednesday, March 22, 2023 as part of the content of the new season of League of Legendsalthough they can already be found with the test server (PBE).

Milio will be the new video game character for the start of season 13. (Riot Games)

Riot He assured that for at least the next four months there will be no additional game modes, as has become customary rotating between URF, ARURF, Spellbook and One for All.

This decision is made because the team is going to focus on the development of a new mode that consists of a fight between four teams, of two players each, in which they will face each other in rounds, losing life for each defeat and gaining items. , levels and increases at the time of victory.

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Regarding the point of the increases, they explained that they are improvements that allow the characters to be configured to a great extent, which allows them to do things different from what they usually do. For example, some focus on removing the weaknesses of certain heroes, while others enhance their strongest points.

This is the general outline, as the developers prefer to save information because the work is still a prototype and some things might change before launch like some character abilities or increase them just for these fights.

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