Mr. Jagger’s trolling with the new season of Fortnite

Mr. Jagger does not go unnoticed. Its originality and its content leave no one indifferent, since it is characterized by not having any fear of breaking with the established and leaving us with real madness both in its videos and in its public appearances.

Especially Outstanding have been its two ESLAND Awards galas. In the first he appeared in a more than extravagant outfit and in the second edition they connected with him with a somewhat particular video that probably nobody expected.

This Thursday, March 9, has left us a new stellar appearance in a gala of a totally different cut: that of the Ídolo Awards. Dress in the purest ‘cayetano’ styleat first glance it seemed that Jagger intended to integrate into the gala, but his time on the carpet left us a ‘trolled’ to remember.

And it is that from Europa Press They asked him about the rumors from a few months ago that placed him as a sentimental partner of Laura Escanes. But Jagger seemed to be prepared for the occasion, since a manual ‘I have come here to talk about my book’ was marked.

In his answer, he pretends to be going around the bush. to start talking about the new season of Fortnite and to explain to the journalist how the season changes work and how you have to adapt to new weapons continuously because they disappear sooner or later.

He insisted and asked him if he was shocked by the news. “Not as much as the Fortnite seasons,” Jagger replied.who later returned to the charge saying that it annoys him when he is “deceived” with false rumors about the news of the battle royale from Epic Games.

Although it is clearly a ‘troll’, he timing it is simply spectacular. And it is that this Friday season 2 of chapter 4 of Fortnite has come out. If listening to Jagger talk about the game has made you want to return to it, do not miss all the news of the new season by clicking on this link.

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