Pokémon presents four new trainers for its anime

We are just a few days away from the release of the new anime of Pokemonand it is that, there are only a few episodes left before Ash Ketchum passes the torch to liko and Roy.

That is, after the current season, Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Masterr, when the two new trainers arrive they will not be alone, and we know this because a new trailer released for the official anime adaptation has revealed four new trainers.

Since the anime franchise video games, such as Pokémon GO, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, have introduced fans to countless characters who have made the leap from game to anime and vice versa. These four new trainers will fit into the category of the latter, being promoted as members of the “Rising Volteckers”a group of Pokémon enthusiasts who mark Professor Friede as their leader.

So just like friede which will come accompanied by Captain PikachuEach of these new trainers that will debut during Roy and Liko’s adventures have a pocket monster that they appear with. But now the question is whether these new characters will be allies or enemies of our next two protagonists.

So far it has not been clarified if Friede will be an ally of Liko and Roy, so it remains to be seen if these four new trainers are up to the level, in the meantime, we present them to you: Ayane Sakura (voiced by Ochako from My Hero Academia) and her partner Metagross, kenta miyake (voiced by All Might from My Hero Academia) and his partner Rockruff, kei shindo (voiced by Jiro from My Hero Academia) and his partner Chansey, and Ikkyu. Juku (Ghost in the Shell voiced by: Daisuke Aramaki of Arise)

There are many details to be revealed about the next game of Ash Ketchum and the two new trainers that will take his place, for now, we can only be glad that Ketchum has been reuniting with old friends, both human and Pokémon.

Much to Ash’s departure, it doesn’t seem like the Pokemon anime is going anywhere anytime soon, so whether it’s adapted or not, we think it could return in the future of the anime adaptation.

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