‘She already has two Oscars’: Michelle Yeoh divides fans by sharing article about Cate Blanchett

Michelle Yeoh shared, and immediately deleted, excerpts from an article on Instagram, noting that her Oscar contestant Cate Blanchett “already has two Oscars.”

Yeoh drew criticism for the post, originally shared on March 7, because she is competing with Blanchett in the Best Actress category at the Oscars later this month.

Yeoh shared an article fromVogue March 6, titled ‘It’s been over two decades since we’ve had a non-white Best Actress winner. Will that change in 2023?’

Yeoh, nominated for a 2023 Academy Award for her role as Evelyn Wang in Everything everywhere at once, shared several excerpts from the article on Instagram, in a post viewed by The Independent.

In her caption, Yeoh wrote, “This is not just for me, this is for all the girls who look like me… We want you to see us. We want you to hear us.”

The post disappeared after it started circulating on Twitter.

the star of crazy rich asians was asked for sharing a paragraph in particular, which pointed to Blanchett, the actress ofStorage. It read: “Detractors would say Blanchett’s performance is the strongest – the veteran actress is unquestionably amazing as the prolific maestro Lydia Tár – but it should be noted that she already has two Oscars (for best actress for The Aviator in 2005 and the best actress for blue jasmine in 2014).

Yeoh’s original post has been removed

(Michelle Yeoh/Instagram)

“A third award would perhaps confirm his status as an industry icon, but given his extensive and unrivaled body of work, do we need even more confirmation? For Yeoh, on the other hand, an Oscar would change her life: her name will always be accompanied by the phrase ‘Oscar Winner’ and should result in more substantial roles, after a decade of it being embarrassingly wasted in Hollywood”.

The Independent contacted Yeoh’s reps for comment.

Who was the naive millennial newbie on Michelle Yeoh’s social media management team that approved that Instagram post? Please explain”, journalist Iva Dixit tweeted.

Some users pointed out that Tuesday, March 7th, was the last day of voting for the Oscars.

Others defended Yeoh for sharing the article, which was more largely about underrepresentation at the Oscars than a direct criticism of Cate Blanchett.

“Once again. Michelle Yeoh’s Instagram post was not a personal attack on Cate Blanchett, nor was the original article she posted,” said one fan.

“It was an indictment of a system that regularly ignores and sometimes even works against the interests of actors and actresses of color. That is all.”

Another tweeted: “Michelle Yeoh shared eight slides of excerpts from that article on Instagram. Don’t play with her reputation the week before the awards by implying she was criticizing Blanchett!

This year’s Oscar ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 12.

In addition to Blanchett, Yeoh faces Ana de Armas BlondeAndrea Riseborough by for Leslie and Michelle Williams for The Fabelmans. Find a list of all nominations here.

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