‘Stranger Things’ actress Grace Van Dien quits acting after being sexually harassed

After the premiere of the last season of stranger things, many fans of the well-known series fell in love with the character of Chrissy, played by Grace Van Dien. Together with Joseph Quinn, the actress managed to steal the spotlight from the main actors, as the relationship between the characters of Eddie and Chrissy captivated the public and broke thousands of hearts. The truth is that many of the fans of fiction were surprised when they learned that Grace is actually a well-known streamer on Twitch. Precisely, in one of her live broadcasts, the 26-year-old has announced that she will abandon acting and focus on her Twitch channel.

Known as BlueFille on social networks, the young woman often played Valorant and Fortnite live. After his performance in the series, he tripled his popularity on the platform and currently has almost 300,000 followers. On the other hand, her brief appearance in the series was the perfect cover letter to perhaps conquer Hollywood. However, the young woman has decided to put her career on hold due to an incident that took place in one of her last recordings, when a man asked her to sleep with him and her partner.

Grace Van Dien in a file image

Grace Van Dien in a file image

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In one of her last direct shows, the actress has revealed the bad drink she went through, although she has not wanted to go into details about the identity of her stalker. “In one of the last movies I did, one of the producers asked me to… He hired a girl he was sleeping with and then he asked me to do a threesome with them,” she began, visibly annoyed.

“So that was my boss. And I didn’t, I cried and got really upset. So when people ask me how streaming is better for my mental health, here’s why. I get to stay home and play to video games, and my boss doesn’t ask me to sleep with him. That’s why it’s better,” she explained last Tuesday on Twitch, revealing the reasons why she feels more comfortable broadcasting on that platform than in a movie studio. .

The interpreter assures that she believes that she handled the situation correctly, since she immediately decided to inform her team of representatives of what had happened. In addition, she reveals that she feels very grateful for having had the support of another actress during the remaining weeks before finishing the project. “My co-star was there with me and she said: ‘Did I hear that correctly? And I said yes. And she asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and we had a terrible time. We cried a lot on that shoot, “he explained. in your direct

Since that traumatic moment, he has turned down roles in four films. For the moment, he assures that he prefers to focus on his work as streamer. In addition, he ensures that if he ever returns to the world of cinema, it will be from behind the cameras. “I am developing my own projects, and I hope that someone decides to finance them. Because then I will be able to have control of my own set, and I will not ask my actors to sleep with me,” he expressed, in a way of vindication.

Grace Van Dien in her performance as Brooke in 'Greenhouse Academy'

Grace Van Dien in her performance as Brooke in ‘Greenhouse Academy’


Apart from his performance in stranger thingsGrace Van Dien has played the character of Brooke Osmond in the series Greenhouse Academy from Netflix, as well as Katie Campbell in the drama series The Village, aired on NBC. She has also been part of the cast of films such as Lady Driver and Sleeping Beauty. It seems that, for the moment, it is unlikely that we will see her again in the world of interpretation.

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