Stranger Things Star Switches to Twitch After Bad Movie Experiences

As a general rule, when an actor or actress makes their film debut, they continue their career successfully for years to come. However, sometimes a traumatic event (or hate) cut short the takeoff of these budding stars. This is what happened to Grace Van Dien.

His role in Stranger Things season 4 was short, but long enough for him to find a good connection with Joseph Quinn’s beloved character, Eddie Munson.

Grace Van Dien was one of Netflix’s new signings to play Chrissy Cunningham in the first part of Stranger Things 4. However, the young woman only lasted one episode in the TV series.


Gathering with Spoilers for Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things fans called for Grace’s return to the series, something that never happened. What not everyone knew is that the actress was known on Twitch for her Valorant or Overwatch broadcasts.

Indeed, Grace Van Dien is also a streamer. You can find her channel on Twitch, under the nickname of BlueFille (here link). What happened to this young actress?

Grace Van Dien refuses to return to acting

Before making her Stranger Things debut, Grace shone with her portrayal of Sharon Tate in the film. Manson’s Girls (2018). The producers of the Netflix series they noticed her to play Chrissy Cunninghamone of the new characters in season 4.

However, Chrissy fell into Vecna’s clutches in the first episode of the season. This cut short the desire of many fans to see her with Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) as her partner.

Following her departure from Stranger Things, Grace has continued her career as a streamer on Twitch. Without becoming a star on the platform, the truth is that he has more than 280,000 followers in their Fortnite, Valorant or Overwatch videos.

Why has Grace Van Dien withdrawn from the spotlight? One might think that the young woman has achieved stardom due to her participation in Stranger Things, but that is not entirely the case…

Grace Van Dien lived a traumatic episode with one of the producers of the series. In a new live He assures that he does not want to repeat bad experiencesand that is why he has refused to return to the world of cinema and television.

I haven’t had the best experiences with some of the people I had to work for on Stranger Things.”. Obviously he is not referring to Joseph Quinn, as the actor showed him his support in the face of the hate that he is receiving in networks.

It turns out that one of the producers of Stranger Things He suggested doing a threesome with his partner.something that the young woman flatly rejected.

With streaming, I can choose who I hang out with, who I talk to…” says Grace Van Dien in one of her live shows. For now, she does not plan to return to acting.

This is not something new. Let us recall the case of Brendan Fraser, the legendary actor known for tapes like The Mummy either George of the Junglewho after his stardom left the stage due to depression (caused by a case of sexual harassment).

To return to Grace Van Dien to participate in a movie or TV series? At the moment, the young woman claims to be much more comfortable on Twitch, where she is known as BlueFille, and she has fun broadcasting direct from Fortnite, Overwatch or Valorant. Good for her.

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