Valorant: Gekko enters the game ranks with a firm step

Gekko joined the cast of Valorant, as agent 22 of the shooter Riot Games tactician. Its official announcement was made during the grand finale of VCT LOCK//IN, and this starter drew a lot of attention from the community for its visual design and also the fact that all of its abilities are powered by small creatures that resemble various pokemon or digimon .

One of his skills Wingman, offers you a unique mechanic, since it allows you to plant the bomb without anyone from the team entering your own if you. The creature, of the same name, is responsible for taking the bomb to the location where you right-click and planting it. This differentiated mechanic left a large part of the community interested in the character, and therefore his interest has been directly proportional to his hours of play in qualifying games.

More than 50% of win rate

According to the portal dak.ggone of the specialized websites that tracks the global statistics of the tactical shooterGekko is already the second highest win rate agent in ranked matches. The agent has a win rate of 51.4% and is only behind Killjoy, with 52.4%.

At the time we have written the news, in the highest rank of Valorant, Radiant, according to the portal shows that Gekko has already been picked in 63 games and has a winning percentage of 76.2%, ranking fifth on the list.

At the moment it is too soon to discuss if he needs any nerf to his abilities, although it is a good indication in the short to medium term. Although his abilities, such as “poison”, may need some tweaking, Gekko’s standout in these early days can be attributed to the fact that he the rivals have not yet learned how to play against the agente, and also the enthusiasm that the new mechanics introduced with the character arouse in many players.

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