when does the Eren Yaeger skin arrive in the new battle pass

At this point, surely you already walked through all the leaks regarding Season 2 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite and you know all the new content, but even though the party starts today, not everything is available, like the skin by Eren Yaeger of Attack on Titan. When will it come to the game? Well, we already have the exact day that you can write down on the calendar.

Eren Yaeger’s epic outfit from Attack on Titan will be available in the new Battle Pass in 36 days from todaythat is, we can get it on April 15, the date on which you will surely see all the games full of players wearing this epic outfit, but like every fever that invades FortniteIt will gradually dissipate.

Fortnite MEGA: how to get the Eren Yaeger skin and what it includes

The skin by Eren Yaeger is available in the new Battle Pass which debuted with the arrival of Season 2 of Chapter 4 of Fortniteand being an epic outfit, you can expect special animations and selectable styles, similar to what we’ve seen with skins of others crossovers recent, like dragonball and My Hero Academia.

Attack on Titan also came to Fortnite with a thematic hookeither Waist Grappler as other players will better identify it, and a lot of content that you can already gather in the famous battle royale starting today, along with new gameplay and mechanics to keep the experience fresh with each new playthrough.

The skin by Eren Yaeger it may be the biggest prize of the new Battle Pass, but even if you are not interested in the outfit, you can get many rewards as you complete the route; others skins and more cosmetics await in this futuristic season filled with cyberpunk oriental themes.

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