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3 min reading | Riot Forge and the Spanish studio Tequila Works are preparing Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story, an adventure game that will explore the history of the champion.

Riot Games is well aware of the potential of the narrative universe created from the League of Legends and for this reason, in 2021 it created its subsidiary Riot Forge, which is in charge of developing, in collaboration with other video game studios, new titles that delve into the history of the game’s champions. And precisely one of those that will arrive at the end of 2023 will have a Spanish stamp and brand: Tequila Works has been chosen to design Song of Nunuwhose main protagonists will be Nunu and Willump.

It will not be the only work to be done in Spain: another of the 3 that are scheduled to be released until the end of the year is The Mageseeker, which will be directed by Digital Sun and whose first impressions are quite reminiscent of its previous success, Moonlighter. It is excellent news that a multinational such as Riot Games has relied on Spanish talent for its new batch of video games under the name ‘A League of Legends Story’.

Each of them will be quite different, not only in the graphic section, but also in the playable, so that they are Unique experiences and give a personal touch to each story. Song of Nunu It will not be less: we tell you all the details that are known at the moment about the video game of the boy and the yeti.

All we know so far about Song of Nunu

release date of Song of Nunu

Initially scheduled for March 2022, the game was delayed and, although there is no exact day, it is known that it will arrive at the end of the year, probably in winter 2023. It will be released for Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.

Champions to appear in Song of Nunu

It was not necessary to clarify it, but Nunu, the boy, will be accompanied by the yeti Willump. The story will surely take place in the Freljord, so many heroes from that region will be able to make an appearance. Of all of them (Ashe, Udyr, Braum, Sejuani…) only Lissandra’s has been confirmedbut it is not surprising that they reveal some more as the title’s release date approaches.

gameplay of Song of Nunu

The title will be first person narrative adventure which will closely follow the story of Nunu, who is searching for his mother Layka after an attack by raiders will separate them. After several years, the protagonist continues to visit every corner of the Freljord in search of him, but there has been no luck.

Source: Riot Games

Accompanied by his faithful yeti companion, he will go to different parts of the continent. overcoming different puzzles that will hinder your progress. The protagonist will have to make use of his flute – with the guidance of Willump, who will dance if she does it well – to conjure different elements, create snowy paths and solve challenges. One will put his reasoning, intelligence and wisdom; and the other the brute strength and enormous size of him to cross mountains and places that are not very accessible.

Most notable will be wonderful characterization from one of the most beautiful places in Runeterra. Unlike in previous titles, the graphics and the atmosphere represented become more relevant if possible since we are dealing with an exploration title. And in that area, Tequila Works hasn’t disappointed at all, even when only a few snippets of the game have been revealed.

It will not be a game where action reigns. The developer has emphasized the fact of wanting focus on small details that define humanity. Can’t wait to learn more about the history of a champion as peculiar as Nunu!

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