Gekko already leads the Valorant Episode 6 meta with a huge winrate

Published: 2023-03-10T18:00:09

Updated: 2023-03-10T18:00:12

Valorant’s newest Agent, Gekko, may only have just debuted, but he’s already leading the ranks with the second-highest win percentage of all Agents.

Even before its release, when players got a glimpse of Gekko’s skill set during the VCT LOCK//IN exhibition match, players like tarik were quick to call the agent overpowered. And now that it’s officially hit the servers, it looks like it’s quickly becoming a go-to pick for teams in ranked matches.

Gekko, the game’s sixth launcher, has already made a splash in the community. His creature-focused kit allows him to flash, stun, and annoy enemies, but more importantly, he has a small creature that plants and defuses the spike for him.

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Despite the many memes and adulations about the lovable bomb-planting and defusing fellow, he has come under scrutiny. That ability can be difficult to counter in many critical situations.

And now we are seeing how good it is. According to data from, Gekko is currently the second highest winning percentage Valorant agent. Only Killjoy has been able to prevent him from taking first place.

Gekko using a skill in valorantRiot Games

He currently has a winning percentage of 51.3%. Despite his paltry ACS and KD stats, his win rate indicates how good his abilities are at helping the team. Especially Wingman, as he functions as a sixth man to plant/defend the bomb, making siege takeovers infinitely easier.

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Win ranks are often a good indicator of how good an agent is, or sometimes how powerful they are. When Chamber was in the meta, he was always number one in this regard. But now that Killjoy has been buffed during the offseason and fully immersed in the meta, his win rate has skyrocketed.

It has also been confirmed that Gekko can be played in the next circuits of International Leagues and Challengers, at the end of March. Therefore, it would not be surprising if both he and Killjoy define the next meta change.

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