How many slots will each region have at the VCT Masters Tokyo?

LOCK//IN, the inaugural tournament of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), it has not finished yet and Riot Games is already generating expectations for the next international championship of the shooter. The developer has announced the places for the different regions in the following masters which will be held in Tokyo. Riot has introduced numerous changes to both the amount of slots for the regions as in quality, since for the first time the results of an international competition will have an impact.

Riot Games has been forced to make changes in the distribution of places for the masters after redoing the VCT format. In 2022, the developer confirmed the new territorial distribution, which divided the competitive VALORANT elite into three large regions: EMEA, America (North and South) and the Pacific (South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia…). Unlike previous years, 2023 will only have the masters which will be held in Tokyo, since the year has started with the internationality of LOCK//IN. Therefore, the result is the following:

  • America: Three seats
  • EMEA: Three seats
  • Peaceful: Three seats
  • China: Double bed
  • LOCK//IN Winner: A square

Winning the LOCK//IN will mean direct classification to the masters Tokyo for the first time in history. Previously, the representatives of the regions only had to get the first or second position in their respective league to be able to attend the international tournament. One factor that remains is the number of participants, since the second VCT intercontinental championship in 2023 will have 12 participants. This edition will be special, as Japan will host a global VALORANT event for the first time in its history.

China gets bigger and bigger in VALORANT

Through the announcement Riot Games has confirmed that China will have for the first time in its history representation within a masters. It currently has EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix as representatives in LOCK//IN, in addition to debuting the last VALORANT Champions in a World Cup. At the end of the year, the National Administration of Press and Publications confirmed the arrival of the title in the country, while a week ago the developer stated that it will have its own league. In short, the Asian giant is not in the VCT but is expanding little by little.

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