LoL: Professionals believe that Yuumi’s rework is a failure

Even though Yuumi’s rework stats are on the rise, the community isn’t happy with the changes to the champion.

The new League of Legends patch brought many changes, including adjustments to the Magical Kitten. While the champion’s stats have been greatly improved compared to the previous version, not everyone is happy with the mods. Professional players consider Yuumi’s rework a flop for Riot Games.

Yuumi’s stats increased with League of Legends patch 13.5 thanks to her rework, dropping her from the bottom of the tierlists. Although the developer’s objective with the changes was for the champion to move away from the professional competition, everything indicates that it will be different. Especially thanks to her new passive ability.

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Former SK Gaming support Erik » Treatz » Wessén was one of those who gave Your opinion about Yuumi’s rework, explaining the reasons why he thinks it’s a failure. According to the player, the passive, the switch to E, and her area of ​​damage make her have more impact in the competitive pro.

Also, one of the complaints about the champion was how unpunishable it was to stay attached to a single ally. Whereas now, this is rewarded thanks to his passive as well.

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The developer published a development preview explaining what the goals were with the Yuumi rework. Designers Truexy and Axes made a list with the following points:

  • Provide a positive experience for players playing a MOBA for the first time
  • Emphasize Yuumi’s unique ability as a powerful defensive enchanter who focuses on a single target
  • Maintain Yuumi’s well-known immunity by creating other counterattack opportunities
  • Limit Yuumi’s presence in professional matches by shortening less obvious optimization results

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