Messi was the inspiration for a new League of Legends character

  • It is expected that by 2027 the video game industry will increase by about 141.6 million.

  • In 2021, the video game sector registered more than 46 billion dollars.

  • The game “League of Legends”, registered in 2018 thousand 400 million dollars.

Videogames have become a very important industry worldwide, especially in the new generations, they begin to work on innovative projects to attract this audience. This is the case of the League of Legends video game, which was inspired by the soccer players Lionel Messi and Diego Armando Maradona, for its new characters.

As a very active market, the video game industry reached a value in 2021 of approximately 198.5 billion US dollars and, according to a report by Mordor Intelligence, it is expected that by 2027 this will increase to close to 141.6 million.

The leading countries in this market are, according to a study by Spanish Video Game Development, China, which leads the world market with revenue in 2021 of more than 46 billion US dollars from the sale of games, consoles and other related components. ; in addition to Japan and South Korea, which occupy the third and fourth position in the world ranking and which had estimated revenues of more than 29.5 billion dollars.

The new characters of League of Legends

As expected, one of the most famous and played video games in the world is updating its characters. We are talking about League of Legends, which introduced Milio to the new character whose concept of him is strongly inspired by Latin America.

According to its developers, the character uses phrases from the region for his dubbing and is based on situations that have gone viral on the internet with elite players like Messi and Maradona.

With this, the video game developer like Riot Games puts references in its characters to elements of popular culture. But this would not be the first time, since the brand had already made reference to these cultures, as an example when the ‘Blitzcrank’ dance command is pressed, which begins to move to the rhythm of the song Macarena, or the LeBlanc skin with several references to Cruella from the movie 101 Dalmatians.

With this new figure, the developer takes various elements from Latino culture, such as soccer and his words. And the story of a 12-year-old boy who is a master in handling fire is told, which is already a first reference to the region, since it is known as Tierra del Fuego for the Isla Grande, which It is located between the countries Argentina and Chile.

Also, another curious fact about this character is that the area where Milio comes from is called Ixtal, which is a fictional version of Latin America in the video game as it has several references to the jungle, nature and animals with other characters like Nindalee, Neeko and Malphite.

But the biggest reference is in the dubbing of his voice into Spanish, where he mentions the word “Golaaazo!”, which is a clear inspiration for Diego Maradona, who euphorically celebrated a goal he scored against a child.

In the Latin dubbing version, the reference to Lionel Messi appears, with “What are you looking at, stupid”, a phrase that was immortalized in the Qatar 2022 World Cup after the match against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals and his brush with the player, Wout Weghorst, while speaking to the media.

In that same dubbing, he mentions other phrases from Latin culture such as “Do you want to see a cool trick?”, as well as other references to his clothes, such as the poncho his grandmother made for him.

For lovers of this game, this new character will be available from Wednesday, March 22, 2023 as part of the content of the new season of League of Legends, although they can already be found with the test server (PBE).

There are already many video games that use celebrities or public figures in their characters, such as Neymar Jr. who joined the Mech Arena squad through a collaboration between the player and the developer.

And this is how the developers of this industry are creating new products in order to attract these new generations.

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