Overwatch 2 now has more balanced matchmaking

Something that the players of Overwatch 2 they had been asking for, it was a fairer matchup within the game, and since its launch it has faced strong criticism from many users who experienced unbalanced games with bronze players in GM lobbies, which was a serious disadvantage .

So, much as the issues have been addressed many times by the developers, who say the matchmaker is still a work in progress, the most recent patch released on March 7 made some big changes to help with competitive integrity.

In fact, a new blog post from the game director, Aaron Kellerreveals that until then, the pairing was the same with Quick game and CompetitiveBut now all that has changed. Because according to Keller, when players queue up for matches, the matchmaker will look for players with the same skill level, but will often have to expand to players with greater skill differences.

“Over the past week, we’ve made system changes that have significantly reduced the skill gap between players in a match for high and low MMR matches,” he explained.

Keller further stated that in Season 3, they tweaked how the matchmaker expands over time, but ended up removing their control over per-queue behavior, meaning the skill differences would be the same in Quick Play and Competitive Play.

So it’s not clear why developer control over queues was removed, but now it’s back and tighter than before: “In the patch we released on Tuesday, we implemented the first in a series of systemic changes (more coming in Season 4) that give us back the flexibility to tune these modes separately and give us new ways to tune the system,” he said.

“This week we will adjust these values ​​to reduce the skill gap in Competitive as much as possible while keeping an eye on cooldowns for that mode.”

Of course, this could result in longer queues for ranked players, but that may be a small price to pay for higher-quality matches, or at least, that’s to be expected.

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