Riot Games ignores complaints about League of Legends skins and pisses off the community with an announcement about Xayah and Rakan – League of Legends

Xayah and Rakan will not have joint return to base animations in the new League of Legends skins.

One of the strengths of games with unique characters is that the community tends to grow fond of them. We have all played League of Legends just to play a game with this or that character. However, this emotional bond that keeps us hooked on the game is also a double-edged sword in that it can end up turning against the developers. Fans are very passionate about their favorite champions and any change in its main characteristics can be considered a real affront. Something that has happened now with Xayah and Rakan.

Problems in the most emblematic champion pairing of League of Legends

Xayah and Rakan fans are pissed off with Riot Games after the announcement of his next two skins. Both characters came to League of Legends as a couple in April 2017 and had a romantic special event, its debut being the first and last time that the company allowed us to gift champions to our friends using only free currency. Both can work separately, but as all gamers know, together they have amplified functions. Among these, a very striking passive ability stands out: they can team up to return to base in a joint dance that has a unique animation.

The point is that, until just a few months ago, all the skins shared by both characters included a new animation for the joint return to base. That is, Xayah and Rakan had their own individual ‘back’ different for each one of them and, to older, a set. That was until they both received their cosmetics belonging to the Arcana skin line in April of last year. A situation that gave rise to many complaints and that has been repeated with the announcement of the next cosmetics that will come to League of Legends.

The animation in its default aspects will be the one shown in the new skins

Xayah and Rakan Broken Alliance will not have a unique effect to return to base togetherbut when they do, the animation present in their cosmetics will be played by default, a situation that Riot Games wanted to explain to the fans of both characters…

“I want to clarify the feedback we have received regarding the return to joint base, which already appeared when the Arcana skins were released and is now returning. The skin production team has analyzed both player feedback and player data. live servers and has found that the probability of Xayah and Rakan being on the same team is very low, that they are using skins from the same cosmetic line in the same match is almost accidental and essentially limited to a very small number of players who play as a duo. Due to this, the skin production team has decided that unique back-to-joint effects for specific cosmetic lines will not appear in future Xayah and Rakan cosmetics.” Riot DW_Platypus on Reddit (February 23, 2023).

A design debt from League of Legends

Riot Games incurred a debt when it decided to design Xayah and Rakan. The developer added very interesting unique features and promised that all their skins would be part of a joint theme. In this way, it made it more difficult to develop cosmetics for League of Legends in the future. However, he also used this argument as part of his promotional campaign. He made a commitment to the community to meet certain standards and acted accordingly. What they were selling were not just two charactersif not a very specific gameplay that fit a very specific type of player (or pair of players).

The new skins of Xayah and Rakan are spectacular, but they come with cuts

In this sense, the developer was a slave to her words, but she has decided break the engagement unilaterally. Stopping doing unique rebase animations for Xayah and Rakan on their skins makes sense from a cost/benefit standpoint. However, it is nonsense on an emotional level. The company knew what it was taking on when they released the new characters and going back now is a difficult decision to comprehend. more still when they knew in advance the opinion of the playerswhich had already been clearly expressed with the release of the latest cosmetics.

Although League of Legends has changed a lot in a month and Riot Games seems to have been able to overcome the situation it was going through at the beginning of Season 13, the truth is that this movement is going against meaning. It doesn’t feel good that, after doing the numbers with the launch of the latest skins, the company decides that the accounts are still favorable and decides to cut features without affecting the price. It’s not good for consumers, and it’s also an extremely clumsy move..

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