Scroll bars in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: what they are and where to find them

The Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4 has brought with it a new mobility mechanic in the form of scrollbars present at MEGA city. In this guide to Fortnite we tell you what are scroll bars and where to find them:

What are scroll bars and where to find them in Fortnite?

The scroll bars are the colored rails that are all over MEGA City. It’s about a new mobility system that we can use to move freely through this huge city on the new Fortnite island. We leave you a map with the location of this new area for this season:

MEGA City Location

To use a scroll bar, just jump over it.. Once this is done, we can move freely in either direction. And not only that: we can also consume healing objects such as Small Shield Potions, Potions or First Aid Kits while we are up on a scroll bar.

We consume a first aid kit while moving through a scroll bar in MEGA City

Of course, while we are advancing through the sliders we can also shootsince our character has both hands free.

Don’t worry if you get to a great height using the scroll bars, since they give us the effect of low gravity. What does this mean? That we will not take fall damageregardless of the height from which we fall to the ground.

If we have a collision with another player, regardless of whether he is an ally or an enemy, when we collide we will automatically change direction.

In summary: the scroll bars allow us to move quickly throughout the MEGA City and allow us to gain height easilysomething extremely useful in Zero Construction.

In our Fortnite guide we keep you up to date with all the news of this season, including how to complete all the Missions or where all the characters are. Don’t miss it!

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