Super League LoL: The six teams qualified for the playoffs and that will fight to go to Zaragoza

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The regular season of the League of Legends Super League concludes with a clear major surprise. After replacing G2 Arctic in the league, Rebels achieved the first place in the league against all odds. the defeat of The Heretics against Movistar Riders caused David de Gea’s team to close a dream split and have the choice of side for that final of the winner bracket against the current champion of the competition and that will give the first Spanish place to the EMEA Masters.

Meanwhile, Fnatic Team Cheese, Movistar Riders, Bisons and Barça They will fight for the other side of the box. For those who don’t remember last year’s format, first and second face each other in a best of five. Whoever wins will go straight to the final, and whoever loses will have another chance to go to Zaragoza. For their part, from the third to the sixth they will also be measured in the Bo5 qualifiers. If you win, you advance in the draw, but if you lose, you are completely eliminated.

Final draw and EMEA Masters

This year, after the changes in the competitive regions of League of Legends, there has been a readjustment in the places for this renewed EMEA Masters (formerly known as European Masters). Unlike other years in which the regular season champion and the two finalists went on to the tournamentin this only the two finalists will qualify for this competition that will measure the best teams in EMEA.

The only positive thing about this readjustment is that both will go to the group stage, without having to play the Play-In that has historically given so many headaches to Spanish teams, since either that group stage or the best of three later, has choked several teams as was the case with the Bisons last year. Next we show you the schedules and the crossings of this final part of the Spanish League of Legends competition.

Final draw of the League of Legends Super League and schedules

End of the upper part of the painting

  • rebels vs. The Heretics. Thursday, March 16 at 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time

Rest of playoff draw

Being third in the regular season, Fnatic TQ chose their rival for this crossover. Jarge, the team’s coach, announced live on LVP that his rival will be the Bisons:

  • Fnatic TQ vs. Bisons. Tuesday, March 14 at 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time
  • Barcelona vs. Movistar Riders. Wednesday, March 15 at 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time

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