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Pokemon It’s taking a generational leap in who it’s for, and the new audience deserves a new cast, a new series, new heroes, and…new villains? With a new anime on the way, the mythical series is focusing on closing the original series on several fronts.

This is why, before Pokemon says goodbye to its current protagonist, Ash Ketchum, the anime adaptation already took care of doing it with the Team Rocket. With the series hyping Jesse, James, and Meowth to reunite with their former pocket monsters, the latest episode has delivered a shocking finale for what could be the villainous trio. Although it has not yet been confirmed if the Team Rocket will return to the series to act as antagonists of liko and Roythis cliffhanger ending could mean we’ll see more of all three in the future.

He Team Rocket has been part of the anime of Pokemon as long as Ash Ketchum, bugging the anime’s trainers for over twenty years now. The popularity of him even made them appear on Pokémon GOalthough Pokémon Scarlet & Violet they saw the main villains in the form of the “Paradise Protection Protocol” instead of this family criminal group. Pokemon Journeys gave Jessie, James, and Meowth some new technology that would help them try to steal Pikachualthough without success, since the protagonist was able to defeat them and achieve his dream of becoming world champion in the season.

The last episode of Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master has aired in Japan, throwing a huge surprise to the fan community by breaking up the trio of villains. With many fans believing that this could be the last appearance of the Team Rocket, it’s a shocking ending for Jesse, James, and Meowth if in fact this is the last time they’re in the anime adaptation. The fans of Pokemon were able to capture the moment when the trio have an argument and walk away from each other:

Previously, they were revealed in Pokemon four new trainers that would be part of the next adventures of liko and Roy, though the upcoming season hasn’t hinted at which villains, if any, will be the anime’s new antagonists. While no time jump has been confirmed for the series, the disbandment of the Team Rocket it certainly adds even more questions for the series that is about to see Ash and Pikachu depart. This latest episode might have seen the trio together for the last time.

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Editor’s note: I have always envied the people who embraced the phenomenon of PokemonIt didn’t hit me that hard, but when these things happen, or they enjoy an app like Pokémon GO. I am very pleased to know that if I am enjoying it, they will get the feeling multiplied several times more.


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