When will Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan arrive?

The fans of shingeki no kyojin They can’t wait any longer to find out all the details about the arrival of the skin of Eren jaeger to Fortniteand it is part of the most attractive of Chapter 4 Season 2.

And it is that now, that the update finally arrived mega city with a new Battle Pass, full of new cosmetic items for players to earn and fully enjoy the new experience. In addition to everything available at the start of the season, there’s also a new mid-season skin drop, and this season features Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan.

Now, while you’ll have to wait a bit longer to pick up this new anime crossover event character, we’re sharing all the details on when exactly he’ll be coming to the game, as well as what you can expect when Eren Jaeger’s new skin becomes available. in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

The question is: When will Eren Jaeger be available in Fortnite?

To be precise, Eren Jaeger will be released 36 days after the season, that is, around April 15, at which time both the skin and the related quests will be available. You can see all the rewards currently, such as the Basement Key Back Bling, the Titan Strike Harvesting Tool, the Scout Regiment Salute Emote, and of course the Eren Jaeger skin.

This is the version shown in the battle pass menu is Eren in his military uniform, but he appears with multiple styles. Depending on the skin’s current look, it could be something as simple as removing the cape, but it could also be a different variant. As of now we don’t know for sure until Eren Jaeger is released later this season.

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